Virginia and Burley Strips tobacco

A Polish fermentation facility offers in continuous sale the following Polish and foreign tobacco brands: Virginia, Burley, Oriental and Skroniowski. We have at our disposal our own laboratory, prepare the products and recipes according to the customer’s requirements (taste, flavor, moisture content). We supply our customers in Poland and all over Europe with bulk amounts using our own means of transport.

Tobacco leaves, the best quality, without any contaminations. The products come both Poland and from plantations in the sunny European countries. The tobacco leaves moisture content amounts to 10%. The leaves contain no additions in form of chemical substances.

Virginia and Burley tobacco leaves are the most popular and proved tobacco brands worldwide. Besides, Virginia leaves are one of the most commonly tobacco leaves used in the industry, since it is the main ingredient of almost every type of cigarettes.

The Burley brand is dark brown. The Burley leaves are air cured in barns. During the long curing process that lasts for two months, the tobacco loses most of its natural sugars and develops a strong cigar taste.

The offered tobacco features a splendid flavor and aroma.

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